Aberystwyth and District Amateur Radio Society GW0ARA

Training Information

Aberystwyth and District Amateur Radio Society offer training courses and examination facilities for those who wish to study for their Amateur Radio licenses.

Details of courses will appear on this page when they are arranged.

2018/2019 Foundation course

The club is running a self-study foundation course for those that wish to get the first license.
You should purchase a copy of Foundation License Now! from your favourite bookseller and start to read it. You can come along to club nights and ask for help or assistance from any of the members, or post queries on the facebook group.
Email Daniel (see committee page) to let him know that you would like to take the course.

We are starting off with an introduction to the hobby for anybody that is interested at our monthly meeting on 14th February 2019 at the Waun Fawr community hall, beginning at 19:00.
We will then follow this up with two days in which candidates will be able to complete the practical assessments. These will be on a weekend and will probably be Saturday 16th Feb and Sunday 24th Feb, these will start at 10:00 and run until 16:00 to give the candidates enough time to complete as many practical assessments as possible.

We have a number of extra practice exams which will be distributed to interested students.
The exam will be arranged at some point shortly following that will be discussed with candidates.
Dates are yet to be confirmed due to hall availability, but will be posted here as soon as they are available.
Costs will be such that they cover expenses incurred. Exam fee is currently £27.50, hall hire will be shared between students. You might want to join ADARS, the fee this year is £5.00, please give it to David Owen on a club night.

On line resources

Essex Ham offer on-line courses for Foundation

Advanced license

Bath are offering a distance learning course for those that have an intermediate qualification, wishing to upgrade to full license.
A testimonial from a few years ago
Enrollment open late November 2017. To enrol contact Steve, G0FUW, via e-mail to g0fuw@tiscali.co.uk
Congratulations to David and Matt on taking their Advanced exam for the full license on the 9th Jan 2019

Last edited 11th January 2019.